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by "Abhay S. Kushwaha" <abhay(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 14 Sep 1999 05:06:44 +0530
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Rename the pages from ".htm" to ".shtm". That should make it work.
Sometimes, some servers require this.

> <!--#exec cgi="cgi-bin/counter.cgi" -->
> <hr width="100%">
> <!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/counter.cgi"-->

BTW, trash the lower one -- you need the upper one here.


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From: Edward and Cassandra Sharpe <sharpe(at)>
Subject: Counter won't display

> I am trying to implement a counter on my web page.  The CGI program
> but the graphics don't display in my web page.
> TEST HTML page
> Direct link to counter
> I am not at all familiar with the tags to place a counter in an HTML
> Any hints are appreciated.

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