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 Date:  Tue, 23 Jan 2001 14:41:39 +0100
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> As any R/C model airplane flyer or combat pilot can tell
> you--there are two types of vision. One is the overall
> panoramic vision. Sort of what the wide angle lens of a
> camera sees. However, unless there is a significant color
> change--or movement--the vision to the sides is less
> dominate. You actually see best, just slightly off your
> center point of aim. That's why the next word shows up so
> nicely as you read.

That is exactly why I prefer "flowing designs". You can=20
easily scan a page if appropriate mark-up has been applied=20
and if you want to read it you can always resize window and=20
fonts as needed.

> The second big advantage--and perhaps equally
> important--is that the large margins on each side of the
> page, called "white space" helps to make the text stand
> out.

I agree.

> BTW: No one has ever said that a web author could not use
> blockquote for things other than blockquotes. We are not
> talking about bulleted lists or numbered lists. We are
> simply talking about indented text. So I repeat--if you
> can't stand tables, at least have the courtesy to indent.

You are right, blockquote is not used for what it was=20
designed for. It is a shame that some tags have been abused=20
and consequently lost all their meaning.

Gregor @ Mandrake 7.2 -> KDE 2.0 -> Kmail 1.1.99 -> ;-)

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