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by "Paul Wilson" <webgooru(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 26 Apr 2001 08:24:50 -0400
 To:  "sfmalo" <sfmalo(at)>,
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> Does it really matter where the <title> tag is located in the head? And
> Sharon

The specification says so.  But there are other reasons than blind obedience
to a standard that are more compelling:

It belongs in the head because browsers use something called the Document
Object Model to display a WebPages.  This was an early Netscape concept that
Microsoft also adopted.  When a web page is loaded, it is read from top to
bottom. Different "objects" from the web page are loaded into different
little cubby holes in memory.  If you have an image it creates an object for
that, if you have a form it creates an object for that, if the form has a
radio button, it creates an object for that.  The web page itself is even an

The DOM concept is what allows scripting languages and CGI to interact with
the WebPages and it also is the foundation that search engines use when
spidering your WebPages. It's pretty important.

This is a just basic explanation of why things go where.  Suffice it to say
if you put something in the wrong place, you will have mixed results in the

Paul Wilson

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