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Or, they could get a different ISP, and set up as many emails as they want
using different techniques.  AOL seems to be unfriendly to email addresses
that don't end in ""...:)


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> Each AOL account has 5 e-mails available.  Does your client know this?
> Many folks don't realize that.  All he/she needs to do is go to add a
> screen name.  (KEYWORD:  Screen name).  Each screen name has an e-mail
> address of its own and can have its own password and restrictions on it.
> (The new screen names/e-mail accounts must be set up from the main
> account under which the AOL account was made.)
> If the person wants more than 5 e-mail accounts, he/she must (as far as
> I know) set up another AOL account entirely, approximately another $22
> per month for 5 more e-mail accounts, or cheaper if they access AOL
> through another ISP.  I don't believe it's possible to add e-mail #6
> without another entire (5-e-mail) account.
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