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Excellent point...

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> Now, don't take this too seriously.  But, then again.......
> Seeing as we all have differing opinions on what is good, we could develop
> our own HWG-Basics, no, that could be considered copyright
> OK, "The 'Our' Official Mailing List Members Award"!
> We could all disagree on whether the site is good, bad or indifferent,
> refuse the award based on our disagreement, and let them have their choice
> of honorable mention images!
> At least this way, the applicant will really have to work at getting the
> award.
> Who knows, this may be as popular at "the big red spot that does nothing".
> But back on a serious note, I'll be willing to bet that even in a group of
> reputable Award agencies, what passes as Excellent on one, may only pass
> Satisfactory on another.  It's still a matter of taste, and what features
> catches the "eye" of the person(s) giving the award.
> paul

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