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 Date:  Thu, 19 Apr 2001 18:37:49 -0400
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You're not the only one - I will admit to using FrontPage too.  :-)  and
thanks for the info about the Javascript editor.

~ Kathleen Anderson
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> Ed:
> Katherine and Kevin have good suggestions. Dreamweaver is an excellent
> In fact, MOST main line WYSIWYG editors are also used by, [here is where I
> get yelled at], most working "pros" in some manner, these days to speed up
> their work.
> Except on this list of course--I'm the only one who will admit to using
> FrontPage and I have been told flat out, this eliminates me from
> professionalism for all time. [sigh]
<major snippage>
> One that I find handy and use in conjunction with FrontPage, is the
> JavaScript Editor,
> It has "click-able" tags for both JavaScript and HTML. You can also save
> "snippets" of code for later use. Keeping track of all these little bits
> misc. code can be a pain. Some editors are batter at this than others.
> Platypus is about average in this area.
> I licensed mine so long ago I have forgotten the price but it was
> quite reasonable. It might have even been free.--I just don't remember.

<more snippage>
> Hope some of this helps ...
> Best wishes
> Ted Temer
> Temercraft Designs Redding, CA
> temer(at)
> > I am working on my first website and I am finding that in an effort to
> have
> > a consistent look and feel, that I am doing a lot of repetitive coding.
> >
> > I am searching for a tool that will reduce this tedium and generate html
> > files to use as starting points...something that will take an input html
> > template file and a second file that contains specific page
> > information/names with the output being the starting points.
> >
> > For example...Lets say that my site has five pages, MainPage, Page1,
> Page2,
> > Page3 and Page4.  I know that I want each page to look like
> MyTemplate.html.
> > Is there a tool that will take MyTemplate.html and produce
> > Page1.html, Page2.html, Page3.html and Page4.html?
> >
> > Ed
> >
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