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Do you mean


If so, the rules are simple.  Your provider needs to assign a dns entry to
point to these virtual addresses.  If you have your sites hosted, each one
of these would require separate directories yet could be hosted by the same
provider.  I don't think each one will require a separate domain

I don't know if this will work from outside my provider, but try to ping

and see if you get any response.  If my theory is correct, both should

In my case, the actual name of my server is "ns1", but to keep with normal
conventions, a dns entry also points to the same numerical address at "www".

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>The following was submitted to another list I'm on, and so far there
>hasn't been any answer coming.  Sooooo I thought maybe
>someone here might possibly have the info..
>"Can anyone explain to me - or point me to - the rules for working
>with the
>people at <> to create <>  ?"
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