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For what it's worth, my advice on immediate fields to explore:

HTML 4.0, esp Transitional and Frames


Perl/CGI Apps
Server side scripting (PHP or ASP, etc)
Graphics Manipulations

XML and whatever style sheet spec is finally decided on

Having gotten this far, you may now give me advice instead...:)

It seems I forgot to put allot of emphasis on proprietary applications.  Oh
well, maybe next time...

Consider also relational databases, such as MySQL...they are becoming more
important daily..


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From: Tanya <tjtmd(at)>

> Hi
> I really need some advice re: the following.
> I am taking courses through Novell (via an agency where I live which is
> barely useless :)) to become an "authorized Web designer". The 1st 3
> were selling ones web sites, and basic HTML. The 4th includes a text
> 1997 (HTML 3.2) with more advanced graphics, 1 section on animation,
> etc. FULL OF ERRATA (which i have been sending to all of you and you all
> have been kind enough to put up with me and I thank you), yet it's very
> superficial i.e. covers areas not in any detail.
> Now the last course requires networking and using Novell specific SSI
> commands, HTML includes, etc. but I am required to set up a network (not
> in the book) (Which I thought was an entire course)
> Personally, I feel from looking at all the questions in this group, etc.
> that javaScript, Java, HTML 4, with stylesheets, etc and perhaps a
> stronger background in graphics would be imperative for a "Web
> designer". Also I believe that CGI, and other scripts can be *done* on
> various servers?
> I would really appreciate any suggestions. I am not sure whether this
> "certified Web designer" holds any meaning.
> Many thanks in advance!
> Sincerely
> Tanya
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