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by "Cindy Stanley" <stanleysupport(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 2 Sep 1999 20:27:54 -0400
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From: Lady Wistfulee <wistfulee(at)>
>I want to download a version of Netscape to be able to view pages with,
>found on their site Communicator 4.61 available for download.  This is
>the version I have seen people refer to when describing what they are
>to view pages (such as on the critique list).  Is this in fact the
version I
>want to download?

If you do not want all the bells &whistles (et al: communicator html
editor), then you could suffice downloading the stand alone browser.

>Does anyone know where on Netscape's site I can find
>_just_ the browser, without all the other bells & whistles that come
with NS

Navigator 4 (stand alone browser):

Navigator 4.08 (stand alone browser)

>Also, are there other browsers available for free download (I believe
>involves a fee) besides the WebTV one? (I found that one)  Or by using
the 3
>browsers (IE, Netscape & WebTV) have I covered what I need to view my

Will let someone else jump on this one.

Cindy K. Stanley

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