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by "Cindy Stanley" <stanleysupport(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 3 Sep 1999 22:07:35 -0400
 To:  "HWG" <hwg-basics(at)>
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From: Rachel <Pray(at)>
> Please go to the following URL and give me some input. Itis not done
>but need to know if I am on the write track.

Yes, you are on the right track :-). I would suggest that there is no
need to put the company logo in a table, taking into consideration the
initial layout of the page. I would just use the DIV align="center" tag
or the CENTER tag prior to the img tag, and THEN start your table for
the body content. This would illiminate extra markup on your part and
less for the browser to download.

Where you started your first table, you immediately marked up another
table directly after that first table tag, and never closed that first
TABLE. Take that first TABLE tag out (looks like it was overlooked). I
would suggest for you to put your left-side navigation links in the
first TD of that first TABLE, and specify your width for that navigation
section in this TD.

Then start your body content in the 2nd TD of that first TABLE, and
specify your width in your td there also. You may find yourself having
to put a TABLE w/in a TABLE throughout the body, in order to get the
layout you want. Any time you put a TABLE w/in a TABLE, you generally
would start the mark-up of the *nested* table after a TD tag w/in the
original table.

I see you put the "valid html4.0" logo on your site a little bit too
soon. But, this shows me that you attempted to validate your page. By
correcting the errors that the validator gave you, will guide you into
laying out your page correctly.

Correct those errors the validator gave and you will have faster results
on finishing the page. If you do not know how to correct an error, give
us another yell for a possible solution of whichever error you cannot

>Also why the lettering looks fuzzy?

What graphics editor did you produce the images in? Was anti-aliasing
checked? It could be a number of reasons. Give us more info on how the
graphics w/text was made.

Cindy K. Stanley

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