Re: What's chmod?

by "Cindy Stanley" <stanleysupport(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 19 Sep 1999 19:43:45 -0400
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From: Ben Bradley <kingben(at)>
>When I was about to upload a cgi script to my server, it said set chmod
to a
>number. What is it (chmod not the number)?

On a Unix system, chmod sets the permission of a file or directory. The
permissions could be one or any of the following:

Read, Write, Execute, or No permission

This is done once the particular file has been uploaded to the server.

The following is compliments of Phillip Perry, another fellow member of
the hwg:

rwx rwx rwx  chmod 777 filename
rwx rwx r-x    chmod 775 filename
rwx r-x r-x     chmod 755 filename
rw- rw- r--     chmod 664 filename
rw- r-- r--       chmod 644 filename

U = User
G = Group
W = World

r = Readable
w = writable
x = executable
- = no permission

Cindy K. Stanley

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