Re: More CSS Trouble URGENT

by "Cindy Stanley" <stanleysupport(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 27 Sep 1999 03:01:25 -0400
 To:  <Reywob(at)>,
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From: Reywob(at) <Reywob(at)>
>However, the A: hover is not working once the links have
>been clicked.  I'm supposed to have this trial working for 11AM GMT
>morning, but Dad forgot to send this.  Quick replies would be great.

I am not following what you are saying, as far as "once the links have
been clicked", for once I click on the links, of course I get a 404 file
not found.

What browser are you viewing in? The a:hover only works in IE.

Cindy K. Stanley

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