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Sorry I wasn't clear about what I meant...I mean what can you put into =
your coding on a page so it will over-ride whatever the user has =
specified (i.e. your instructions below).
Thanks & much alohas again,
Lady Wistfulee
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I wrote:

> Have you checked the fonts preferences in the copy of Netscape you're
> using? Maybe it is set to: Use my fonts, over-riding page specified =

and Lady Wistfulee responded:
> How would one over-ride the font "over-riding" the page specified =
fonts then?
> much alohas from Oahu ...

Lady W.,

On a Mac version of Netscape, select the Edit menu, then Preferences.
When the Preferences window opens, the Fonts option is located under
Appearance. From there you can choose to go with your own fonts, the
page fonts, or the page fonts but not dynamic fonts. I am sure it must
be pretty close to the same with Netscape for Windows.

And aloha back to you,

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