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by "Paul Rudolf" <paul(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 26 Sep 1999 15:37:24 -0700
 To:  "Mark Harvey" <bowling(at)>,
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I'm a little confused in reading your description.

Let's see if I have some sort of grasp.

You will have a frame containing a navigation bar, for argument sake, lets
assume it's on the top, or "banner frame".  The other frame, or "main frame"
would then contain a page that would maybe break into another set of frames?

If this is the case, just have your main frame call another frames page.
This is a trick I learned a long time ago to update more than one frame with
a navigation selection.  It can get real confusing, and you need to make
sure all of your frame names are unique.


The main page is a frames page containing a navigation frame  (name="nav")
and a display frame (name="main").  Your nav frame loads nav.html.  Your
display frame loads a welcome page, welcome.html, with links that may not
show on your main navigation page.  When you select a link, you then load
another frames page in the display area.

The first page would look like a 2 section frames page, and the following
pages would look like a 3 or more section frames page.

You could easily go back to the 2 section display by targeting the "main"
name,  or update the displayed area of the 3 section by targeting the
"section" name.

You can get the idea from .  I think most of the
layout is still in the format of the original format.


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From: Mark Harvey <bowling(at)>
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Date: Sunday, September 26, 1999 12:54 PM
Subject: Frameset query

>I have a query I hope you may be able to help me with.
>I'm working on a frames based site to keep a navigation bar on screen.  =
>What I want is to have a main index page without frames - but a similar =
>layout to the framed section - call up the frameset and the particular =
>page selected form the menu, navigation thereafter handled by the nav =
>bar in the frameset.  I don't know of any way of calling up a selection =
>of one of six pages, just the one page normally mentioned in the =
><frameset> pair. Is there any way of doing this in HTML that I am =
>unaware of, or with a CGI program? I want to stay away from javascript =
>for this if I can because of those who browse without javascript.
>Many thanks in advance,
>Mark Harvey.

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