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Go for it, Lisa...:).

I actually use CuteFTP for uploading....habit....but am quite interested in
investigating DW's site management features further.  Let me know how it
goes with the FTP client, if you get a moment...??

Good luck...send me a note if you end up with questions.


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> Darrell,
>   I have been working with Dreamweaver for a couple days!  I really aws
> on Fp 2000, but now am going the other direction towards Dreamweaver!  It
> seems fairy straightforward, the only thing I am having a hard time with
> uploading, but will bet there.  I think that one atatement you have made
> important-"Don't get attached to any one tool" , be flexible.  There are
> many changes to remain "stuck in the mud"!! Lisa

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