Re: CSS in Netscape

by "Paul Rudolf" <paul(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 30 Sep 1999 10:55:25 -0700
 To:  "Jim Tom Polk" <jtpolk(at)>,
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>They have adopted the philosophy that it should get these basics right,
>then go forward, rather than get the basics mostly right, and go in all
>directions at once.
>After it is release, or about the same time, I expect that MSIE will
>follow suite, as well as going in all directions at once.
>It will be a bloody relief!

I only wish I had gotten involved with this list last year, when I first
started to get involved with HWG.

We can all debate "standards" and "we gotta live with the mess", but it
seems as if enough of us (web developers in general) have made a our voices
loud enough.

My observation.

One of the "big 2" comes up with an excellent idea for HTML rendering, or
plugin.  They then implement this feature.  The other side now sees the
potential and has to do one better.  Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle, one
of these companies presents the "standard" to be added to the
recommendation, but then decides that the feature needs some more
development.  When the feature finally makes it to the recommendation, the
feature has been modified in a way that the standard no longer is supported
in it's original form.  I call it the "It works for me syndrome."

Then there is the argument of "we can do it better" or "we've designed the
platform that supports this".  We, the web developers, are caught in the
middle of their competition.

Basically, some of these companies can't see the forest for the trees.
Hopefully, we can become tall enough to see over both the trees and the


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