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by "Paul Wilson" <webgooru(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 27 Apr 2001 09:12:23 -0400
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> I have to differ - what you're referring to is Design Mode in HomeSite.
> is not intended as a WYSIWYG editor. According to my Sams book, the code
> generated by Design Mode may not be supported by all browsers.
> Head over to Cnet download center:
> click on HTML editors under Web Authoring.  I've heard Freeway is a good
> one...

I won't quible over the semantics of whether it is a WYSIWYG editor or not
today based upon it's past history. It has a WYSIWYG mode now and that's all
that counts.  It works fine and is very well respected software with large
industry acceptance.

 The statement  "may not be supported" is nebulous at best. Did they qualify
that statement?  Was it based on the latest version?  What was not
compatible?   I have had no trouble with the code created in design mode and
I have been using it about a year now and tested it against I.E. 4, I.E. 5,
Netscape 4.x as well as several versions of AOL and WebTV.

  I would be willing to say that just about all editors will generate code
that some browser someplace won't like. Much of what I do today would be
wrong for Netscape 3.x

 Homesite is light, quick and allows me to open dozens of html files at
once, many editors choke when you open more than 6 or so.  I can test the
page in it's own browse mode or select any external browser I want.  It has
built-in support for JS, JSP ASP and CFML.  The built codesweepers including
Tidy ensure the code is reasonably sound according to different standards.
Nobody else has that kind of checking.... you can chose which you prefer
according to what type of HTML/XML you're doing.

 Homesite is not the only editor and it may not be the best choice for some.
But at least I have heard of it before I tried it.  I never heard of
Freeway.  Part of why I recommeneded Homesite was that it has acceptance in
many schools and design firms of all sizes.  Whenever we decide we need to
spend time and money on a new software, one consideration is that it will
help us land a job or a contract.

Paul Wilson

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