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> Could anybody around here please be so kind to tell some specifications
> (only the essential one, please) and what ".NET" actually is supposed to

See for the short version.  See for Bill's own

My explanation is that MS has been pretty quiet for the past couple years
with very few  new products since `98.  Win 2000 didn't do well and WinMe
was a real bust.

What have they been doing up there in Redmond as lots of older folks leave
and new ones come in?  It's the .NET initiative and Bill's plan for taking
over the Internet and revolutionizing software distribution and how we do

It has distributed computing, XML in gobs, builds upon ASP and Visual Basic
as well as other MS technologies.  WinXP and Office XP are also tied into
the concept.  Take everything you knew about computers and the Internet and
toss it out the window.

Paul Wilson

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