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by Thomas James Allen <tjallen(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 07 Sep 1999 23:34:02 -0400
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At 05:38 PM 9/6/99 -0700, you wrote:

>So, Question No. 2 - and I know this one has been answered here before, and
I thought I'd saved the responses but I can't find them - Does anyone have
code that will take the visitor to another page - I guess it is called a
redirect.  What I want is that after they fill out a form, I want them to go
to a "Thank you" page and then that page should automatically flip them back
to the homepage.  I have the redirect out of the form working, but I can't
find the code to get the auto return working.  
Try this:


The x is the number of seconds before refresh.
Note the unusual placement of quote marks.

Hope this helps,

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