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>Hi there,
>Following VSQ: From browser version is the TEXTAREA - Attribute WRAP
>Value "Physical" supported?
>Jakob D=F6lling

Here's the scoop, quoted from the HomeSite HTML guide:


The WRAP attribute can be used to specify how to handle word-wrapping
display in text input areas in forms.=20

<TEXTAREA WRAP=3DOFF> -- the default setting - Wrapping doesn't happen.=
are sent exactly as typed.
<TEXTAREA WRAP=3DVIRTUAL> -- The display word-wraps, but long lines are sent
as one line without new-lines.
<TEXTAREA WRAP=3DPHYSICAL> -- The display word-wraps, and the text is
transmitted at all wrap points.=20

NOTE : Internet Explorer (version 3.0), by default wraps text in a
<TEXTAREA> box, while Internet Explorer 4.0 supports the WRAP attribute.
Also, these values have changed in Netscape 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0
and above to WRAP=3D"off|soft|hard" respectively.=20

---------end quote-------------

Hope this helps,

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