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At 02:30 AM 9/18/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Thanks for all you comments.  From the emails I've received, is seems that 
>the common view is that Dreamweaver is slightly better, but FP at half the 
>price is a much better buy.  Anyone wishing to speak in the defence of 
>Also, while flicking through a computer mag, I realised that i had left out 
>Adobe Golive4.  Not wishing to miss out  one of the other main WYSIWYG 
>editors, please could someone comment on it.
I'm using Dreamweaver & Homesite at home on a PC, 
and GoLive at work on a Mac. GoLive is pretty nice, 
it's similar functionally to DW. I find GoLive's 
code window easier to use than DW's, but GoLive puts
in lots more "extra" and non-standard code than DW,
at least in my experience. But there's not a lot of difference
in the two, once you learn both interfaces. DW's learning curve
might be a little steeper, GoLive's a little more intuitive.
As far as I can see, anything you can do in one, you can do in 
the other, though each one has its smoother and rougher edges. 
The competition between the two is making them both better.
Note that both have good online communities, message boards, etc.

Of course, this is from a 70% hand-coder, who wysiwygs 
only when that is faster. Someone who is wysiwyg-only 
might find more differences.

Just my 2 cents,
Jimmy Allen (Thomas James Allen)
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