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At 11:29 PM 9/24/99 -0700, you wrote:

>I am under the impression that in order to get good placement in some
>hi-profile search and/or web directories (Yahoo, etc.) not only must you
>wait patiently for the "officials" to inspect your site, make sure you don't
>submit too often, make sure you submit often enough, come up with the $$$'s
>to make a splash, you also need to have an "Award Winning Site"!
>In short, I'm appalled, or in my wife's words, "bullpucky"!


You will find that, apart from the awards from major websites
like yahoo or pc magazine, these "awards" are free for the taking.
You apply, they give you the award, no questions asked. Sometimes they
don't even visit your site.

Note that they ask you to place their award image with a link to the
award-giver's site. So it's nothing more than a link away from your site,
to theirs, a method for taking your traffic away from you and delivering it
to them. (Some may call this a scam!) It's free advertising for the
award-giver, free cyber-space for them, free "eyeballs", free clicks, 
and all based on the vanity of the award "winner" 
who displays the (dubious) award.

Perhaps I'm being too cynical, but that's my two cents,
Jimmy Allen (Thomas James Allen)
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