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 Date:  Tue, 28 Sep 1999 17:13:38 EDT
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<< Rats.  I was hoping someone would know what these files are.  I've run into
 them before.  Could it just be people renaming the extension so they can't
 be captured? >>

.art files are not just files that are renamed to avoid capture.

Here is how the file description compares to other formats:

ART                       Johnson-Grace Compressed Data
GIF                        CompuServe Graphic Interchange Format
JPG/JPEG              Joint Photography Expert's Group Format
PICT                      Macintosh PICT Format (Macintosh platform only)
TIFF                       Tagged Image File Format (Macintosh platform only)
PCX                       Paintbrush Format (Windows platform only)
BMP                      Windows Bitmap Format (Windows platform only)
TGA                       Targa Format (Windows platform only)                
WMF                  Windows Metafile Format (Windows platform only)

Here are some links that might help.     (I wasn't able to access this page at the moment)

Hope this helps!


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