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 Date:  7 Sep 99 17:24:38 PDT
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Hi List

Firstly, thank you to all those people who kindly shared their PDF wisdom=
=2E It
was much appreciated.

I have another question, which although very simple, has been plaguing me=
a while now. I would like to know what mechanism you professionals use to=

insert white space in your web pages. I'm not speaking about graphic inte=
splash pages. I'm more interested in the formatting techniques you use to=

pretty up long text files. For example, to insert a blank line or two in =
table row or cell, I often use an empty paragraph construct:

  <p><br></p>  (I've included the end tag for greater clarity)

I know that a lot of contractors where I live (in Australia) tend to use =
non-breaking space entity, that is:


I believe though that this entity is not supported by older versions of
Netscape Navigator. Occasionally, I've used the transparent gif trick, bu=
find this works best when aligning graphic elements. I've never used the
<spacer> tag as I understand that it's poorly supported by the different
browser versions.

It's a small thing, but your advice would help put my mind at ease that I=
been doing the right thing (or not).

Much thanks
Sharon Elix

Ps I tried looking at the W3C HTML4.0 Specs, but found that I quickly got=
somewhere between page 250 and 360+ ...

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