Re: Calling External Style Sheets

by Sharon Elix <saelix1970(at)>

 Date:  13 Sep 99 16:29:00 PDT
 To:  hwg-basics(at)
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With regards to calling external style sheets, my (old) edition of O'Reil=
"HTML: The Definitive Guide" states that (p257):

"Referencing a style sheet with the <link> tag currently is the only way =
apply an external style sheet to a document. Netscape 4.0 ignores the @im=
command but continues to process other style rules within the <style> tag=
Internet Explorer 3 treats @import as an error."

As the browser references indicate, this advice is now a little old. I'm
afraid I've been too cheap to update to the 3rd edition. I'm not sure how=
and up deal with the @import command. Perhaps someone else can help you o=

Sharon Elix

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