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by Sharon Elix <saelix1970(at)>

 Date:  14 Sep 99 19:12:19 PDT
 To:  "Abhay S.Kushwaha" <abhay(at)>,
"[HWG](at)" <hwg-basics(at)>
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Hi list

Firstly, thank you to everyone who kindly responded to my last query
concerning the disappearing background logo. I very much appreciate all y=
hints and advice.

Secondly, a comment from Abhay has given rise to my next query. Abhay
mentioned that I could improve my images by making white areas transparen=
t. I
know this is a very useful attribute, but am not sure how to achieve it.

Unfortunately, I'm (very) limited in the applications available to me (fo=
both funding, installation and support reasons). I currently use Photosho=
p 5.0
to create all my images, which is mostly fine, since as an environment si=
te we
tend towards photographic images of spectacular environmental features. I=
not so useful for making banners, icons, etc. Anyway, I believe that Phot=
does not support transparency in gif files. I was wondering if any of you=

could suggest a good graphics application that would allow me to convert =
or tiff (Tagged Image File Format) image files, to transparent gif files =
well as create simple banners, buttons, etc.

As you can probably tell, I'm a bit of a novice in the image area. I've h=
some limited exposure to Corel Draw and the shareware, GIF Construction S=
but that's about all. Appreciate any advice...

Sharon Elix

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