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by Sharon Elix <saelix1970(at)>

 Date:  26 Sep 99 23:44:29 PDT
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Hi List

I'm currently uploading a site that incorporates templates with the help =
of a
server side include command. I'm not particularly familiar with this tech=
and have a couple of basic questions. Firstly, is it possible to write th=
template pathway as a relative link, using "../" in the pathname? Accordi=
ng to
O'Reilly's "Web Design in a Nutshell" it is not possible, but they do not=

provide much of an explanation as to why. Secondly, O'Reilly's suggest th=
one uses the "virtual" identifier, rather than "file". In my files, I'm
currently using the following syntax:

  <!--#include file=3D"template/template.html" -->

While this works fine, replacing "file" with "virtual" does not. The site=
hosted on a UNIX server. Any hints much appreciated, I'd like to increase=
knowledge on this issue.


Ps Many, many thanks to all those who shared their words of wisdom on
achieving transparency with Photoshop. I think I've got it worked out now=

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