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by Sharon Elix <saelix1970(at)>

 Date:  29 Sep 99 19:15:23 PDT
 To:  Darryle <Darkrose.bds(at)>,
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Hi Darryle

The purpose of the <noscript> and </noscript> tags is to provide users of=

browsers that do not support the <script> tag, with information they woul=
otherwise miss. So in your example, an image that would not otherwise be
viewed in older browsers, is made available by enclosing it within the
<noscript>, </noscript> tags.

The <noscript> tag is not a particularly useful element as it is
inconsistently supported among browsers. It was introduced by Netscape at=
version 3.0 stage, so <script>-able browsers like Internet Explorer and N=
N 2.0
display the contents of the <noscript> tag as well as the content of the
<script> tag. As you can imagine, this can make a mess with your otherwis=
beautifully composed page...

Hope this helps.

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