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A .cpt file is a Macintosh file compressed with CompactPro. I know it
can be expanded on a Mac with Stuffit Expander. I do not know what
Windows uses to unstuff or expand Mac archives. If you cannot handle it
with your Windows app, you might send it to someone on a Mac who should
be able to expand and then compress it again in a more compatible
format. If you continue to have difficulties, send the file to me
offlist and I can *probably* help.

I don't believe CompactPro is very common among Mac users.
Unfortunately, you are not in a position to tell that to your
prospective clients. :-)


On 4/5/01 at 3:35 PM, Ted Temer <temer(at)> wrote:

> Susie:
> OK--Both I and give up.
> What sort of a file is a .cpt???
> Ted temer(at)
> > Is there any possible way to convert a .cpt file to something a
> > windows machine can open? This is kind of urgent.  I'm dickering for
> > my first web site contract and don't need to show my ignorance about
> > opening files they sent.
> >
> > Thanks much! Susie
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