Re: Top border difficulty and a Table Questions too

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 Date:  Mon, 01 Jan 2001 20:16:54 -0500
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Hi Brent,

First, tables. Well, *I* like to use them because they make the text so
much easier to control, but degrade very nicely with just a little
forethought on the developers part.

Second, You are seeing your header appear at the bottom of the page because
your background image (very pretty by the way) is tiling. It is repeating
its self as necessary to cover the whole screen - that is normal.

BTW, on a 15" monitor at 800X600 I have to scroll sideways to see all your
content. That is usually a bad thing. Fortunately, in this case it is very
easy to fix.

On the top of the page at:

regarding the table your transparent gif is in, change the table width from
"779" to " "100%" ".


P.S. You *really* should look into the use of a DTD statement.

At 05:29 PM 1/1/01 -0600, Brent Chance wrote:
>I'm curious if it is "recommended" that tables be used to enclose text.  I
>have some pages with it and some without. Back to this in just a moment. I'm
>adding some pages to my website of poetry that I like.  At
> I use a top border.  I
>placed a table at the top with a transparent .gif in it. Somewhere someone
>told me to do this with side and top borders. I'm not sure why but I have. I
>have a problem with a couple of areas on this page. I want to change the
>color to the color background on the link below which I think I can
>accomplish but right now the top border is also across the bottom of my
>screen. Why? How do I fix or prevent this?
>Back to tables - If you can back to the main directory
> I've enclosed a lot of the text in
>tables. I suppose I could have done this either way with or without the
>tables and would like some guidance on which way it "should" be done or is
>this like most things subjective?
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