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 Date:  Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:31:42 -0500
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And what of the W3's position on the us
e of transitional DTD's?

I interpret that they *really* don't thin
k it is a good idea.

Agree?            Why?                  Why Not?

(feel free to fill in the blanks, but not t
oo many, I don't want this sucker gettin
g over 35- 40 characters wide!)

<complete with a big 'ol smirk>

At 08:26 AM 1/23/01 -0600, Tamara Abbey wrote:
>I actually find (b) easier since it's not *squished* with all that 
>right-hand white space. Newspaper columns may be narrow, but they do 
>contain text all the way across the page.
>(since you made the *bet*),
Captain F.M. O'Lary
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