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by "Captain F.M. O'Lary" <ctfuzzy(at)>

 Date:  Sat, 27 Jan 2001 13:19:14 -0500
 To:  Cecelia Dirksen <cecelia(at)>,
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A peek into the twisted mind of a guy so fuzzy, they named him that.

At 09:02 AM 1/27/01 -0800, Cecelia Dirksen wrote:
>I'm not a designer, but a *mere* marketer!

Wow. A Magician ! I have always respected they way you folks can make BBQ
spare ribs desirable to a lady in a white dress and white gloves - what an
art !!

Say, you don't know Billy Banks do you? If so, please tell him I'd like to
use him to demonstrate another use for that "6 pound bucket" of Oxy-Clean
he keeps trying to shove down my throat every time I turn on the tube. I _
like _ grass and clay stains, they are kinda "earthy".

>Could someone please explain to me what is so offensive about Comic
>Sans. I've heard it before, but I can't quite figure out why.
>As well, if clients insist that designers use it, and designers insist
>it isn't *good*, perhaps there is a need for someone to come up with a
>new font. One that provides the friendliness of Comic Sans and fulfills
>the requirements of a designer. Personally, I'd love to see one.

Well, as you have probably noticed, I'm a little in the dark on part of
that too. But I can tell you this, a quick trip to any font foundry on the
web will lead you to the same conclusion I hold: that this is one of the,
if not THE single, biggest point of personal preference out there. I
wouldn't hesitate to estimate that there are tens of thousands of different
fonts already in existence.

The "problem" is distribution of those fonts and cross platform
compatibility. Case in point is the font we are currently discussing:

MS Comic Sands

Notice that big ol "MS"? That's the evil God Bill himself - yup Micro$oft.
That means until 1998 when MS Office 98 For MAC was released was the first
time ~anyone~ running a (normal) Macintosh could see it. So . . . even
right now, we can only expect the viewers running a power mac system 8.X or
later, less than three years old, to see this font !!

Talk about coding yourself into a corner !!

How in the heck do you justify creating a "for profit" site that NOBODY
using a MAC more than three years old can see?!?!?!?!

You can't unless you are an ~extreme~ example of a niche market !! But we
do it anyway. Why?

You got it. Personal Preference. It is not like there are not cross
platform fonts out there that could be substituted when it got right down
to it.

Captain F.M. O'Lary
Another year ends.
All targets met. All systems working. All customers satisfied.
All staff eagerly enthusiastic. All pigs fed and ready to fly.

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