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by "Captain F.M. O'Lary" <ctfuzzy(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 20 Apr 2001 08:11:23 -0400
 To:  David Andrew <davida51(at)>,
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Now that you mention it, YEA.

Note Pad
Simple Text

The three *really* reliable ones.

No one can build a WYSIWYG HTML editor that actually works David. What on
*earth* makes you think "they" can do it with a substantially more complex

Answer: ~They can't~. This is a marketing gimmick that puts your customers
right in the cross hairs.


At 09:29 PM 4/19/01 -0500, David Andrew wrote:
>Kathleen Anderson wrote:
>thanks for the info about the Javascript editor.....
>Any recommendations for other JavaScript editors?
>David Andrew
Captain F.M. O'Lary
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