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 Date:  Thu, 16 Sep 1999 20:20:39 EDT
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In a message dated 9/16/99 2:57:19 PM, nossaune(at) writes:

>1. A table at leftside with the links and a vertical rule;
>2. A bigger space at the centre with a text and another vertical rule;
>3. Another rectangular table at the  rightside, with a gif.
>Here is the problem:  this gif at the rightside must change when user is
>passing over the links at leftside. I want to put there an introduction
>of the subject at each page linked, so I have some little coloured 
>rectangular grafics with the texts inside.

I have just been playing with this vary same thing. Try this and see if it
will work for you. It did work for me.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
<!-- hide code
if (document.images)  {
// create array for images. The number in () are the size of image.
                    var imageArray = new Array()
                    imageArray[0] = new Image(50, 70)
                    imageArray[1] = new Image(50, 70)
                    imageArray[2] = new Image(50, 70)

// set URLs for the images
                    imageArray[0].src = "your/image.gif"
                    imageArray[1].src = "your/image.gif"
                    imageArray[2].src = "your/image.gif"

// x selects the position in the array and i selects the image to use.
// document.images is the array of images and the one you want to use should 
be counted
// from the top of page.
// imageArray is the array of pictures you have created and you select the 
one to use.
// Remeber that arrays start at position zero.

function imageOn(x, i)  {
        if (document.images)  {
            document.images[x].src = imageArray[i].src
            return true
// the numbers to pass to the function mean (this is the array position "4", 
the image to use "1")
// use your own for these two numbers. The position in the array is equal to 
the image
// number from the top of page.

<A HREF="your/link.html" onMouseOver="imageOn(4, 1)"
 onMouseOut="imageOn(4,0)" >Your link</A>

// end hide-->


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