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 Date:  Thu, 23 Sep 1999 08:00:05 EDT
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Hi Vikki,

ZDU is one of the pioneers in on line learning. They just keep growing and 
growing. All of their courses and self study tutorials are of the highest 
quality. You can join for a free membership and drop in on one of their 
courses and take many of their tutorials. I think you will like ZDU!


> Hello Everyone,
>  I'm fairly new to the list, and this is my first post!  So, this question
>  might be off topic?  
>  I'm really new to the HTML world and I was looking on the web for different
>  tutorials which could help me and I cam across
>  Can anyone tell me how good their courses are?  Should I go somewhere else 
> to
>  learn HTML, Java, etc.....
>  TIA
>  Vikki
>  __________________________________________________________________

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