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 Date:  Thu, 23 Sep 1999 10:25:30 -0400
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Greetings List:

While a large number of people participate in Banner Exchange programs,
people seem to forget that banners have but one goal ... STEAL YOUR SITES
TRAFFIC and redirect it elsewhere. 

Several of our clients have asked us our view with respect to Banner
Advertising in Link Exchanges of one kind or another and we usually 
answer in this manner:

If you are interested in stimulating your site traffic via the use of a
Banner Ad Campaign buy ad space on someone else site, one which offers the
demographic target you are trying to reach, but DO NOT place other people's
banner ads on your site. 

We also suggest that if clients really want banners on their site they
should design a campaign that promotes their own services and leads people
to "bonus" pages within their own site thus retaining the traffic they do get.

The added pages (if engineered properly) can assist in driving traffic to
your site by assisting in positioning your site well on the main search


Simon Rolfe, Senior Partner 
Creative Genius Communications

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