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I believe that would "need" the dreaded . . . FRAMES.

Ya'll don't be bashful about speaking up if I'm missing something.

Me being me, I would propose that you consider having the activated link
open a new browser window with a clearly marked warning that is about to
happen, and a easily findable JavaScript button to close it once it's open,
- before you "resort" to frames.

Don't forget to put a simple version of your site navigation at the bottom
of that new window's page anyway . . . for the slow folks ;-).


At 05:59 PM 4/10/01 , Ed Peddycoart wrote:
>I am using a table to layout my webpages....If I have a 2 column table, and
>the left column cotains a list of links, is there a way to display the
>contents of the html file retrieved by the link?  In other words, lets say=
>have a table such as the one below....
>| John   |                |
>|        |                |
>| Ted    |                |
>|        |                |
>| George |                |
>|        |                |
>If I click on John, I want to display john.html in the right column,
>clicking on Ted, will display ted.html, etc.  Is this possible?
>Ed Peddycoart
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