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 Date:  Wed, 11 Apr 2001 23:48:07 -0400
 To:  "Maria K. Wolf" <makare(at)>,
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Hi Maria,

I have a suggestion.


See, the language is designed to dynamically resize the content to fit the
viewers screen automatically if it is done correctly.

You can not get there using what is posted at

strip the code and save the content.

Please do not take what I'm saying as harsh Maria, it's not intended as a slam
- just honest and experienced in EXACTLY what you are trying to accomplish.

Here, this will help a lot I hope:

The Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education (AWARE) 
Center, located at, is a resource 
for web designers and others seeking information how to make 
their pages accessible for all audiences, including people 
with disabilities.

You can talk to the main man: Kynn Bartlett, AWARE Center Director,
aware(at) But please don't tell him I stole his text and pasted it
someplace else unaltered :-). Just kidding. Kynn is a fine guy, and a BIG wig
in the HWG.


At 10:17 PM 4/11/01 , Maria K. Wolf wrote:
>Hi all,
>I am in the process of designing a new homepage for a site in 
>Image-Ready.  (The site was designed using GoLive 5, the URL is 
>  However, I am confused about 
>what page size to use.  The audience will primarily be the parents of 
>special needs children, who have 14-inch or possibly 17-inch 
>monitors.  Also, the client has a 14-inch monitor at work, and is convinced 
>that this is the standard size monitor--despite my efforts to convince her 
>otherwise. . . :)  So I will be designing the homepage to fit on a 14-inch 
>monitor, for both Windows and Mac users, using both IE and NN.
>Does anyone have any standard dimensions that they use for page size given 
>the above?  I have heard many different answers to the question. . . . one 
>web design class I took said design for 612 pix w x 326 h.  Another said 
>design for 595 w x 295 h. . . My brother suggested I design for 580 h x 450 
>w. . . Web design in a Nutshell suggests the minimum live space to design 
>for would be 612 x 315. . . .
>Anyone have any suggestions?
>Thanks so much,

Captain F.M. O'Lary
"Eat a live toad in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for
the rest of the day."

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