Re: why would vertical scroll bars not appear in a lower resolution?

by "Captain F.M. O'Lary" <ctfuzzy(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 17 Sep 2001 08:37:53 -0400
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Hi John,

In a word: YES.

The code is horrible!

It is my not so humble opinion that its display (at all) is a testament to
the fault tolerance of modern web browsers.

 . . . wow. It just dawned on me . . . 

I hope you didn't write that page . . . 

*Just in case*: Please, do not take my words personally John. I'm not
slamming the author - just addressing product flaws.

I'm *trying* to be more . . . socially acceptable . .  these days, so
rather than just "condemn" . . I'd like to point out:

1) It has COMPLETELY the wrong DTD
2) The DTD is in the wrong place.
3) The form elements are misplaced and incomplete.
4) The table(s) are incorrectly formed
5) There are incomplete and "dead end" tags and attributes.

May I suggest one of the best page testing resources available to
developers today can be found at:

it is ~way~ cool and works every time to aid in creating dependable,
*predictable* web pages.


At 08:33 PM 9/17/01 , John Aitchison wrote:
[ . . .]
>in 800x600 with IE5.0 I get no vertical scroll bar (although the full 
>content is not visible) .. if I switch to 1024x768 I get the scroll bar ..
>Any ideas as to what could cause this to happen ?

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