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At 08:07 AM 4/19/2001 -0500, Ed Peddycoart wrote:
>I am working on my first website and I am finding that in an effort to have
>a consistent look and feel, that I am doing a lot of repetitive coding.
>I am searching for a tool that will reduce this tedium and generate html
>files to use as starting points...something that will take an input html
>template file and a second file that contains specific page
>information/names with the output being the starting points.
>For example...Lets say that my site has five pages, MainPage, Page1, Page2,
>Page3 and Page4.  I know that I want each page to look like MyTemplate.html.
>Is there a tool that will take MyTemplate.html and produce MainPage.html,
>Page1.html, Page2.html, Page3.html and Page4.html?


In addition to Kate's suggestion about Dreamweaver, there are also many other programs available:

HKit ($free for now) from
HomeSite ($80-100 USD) from Allaire/Macromedia

and a number of other tools for various platforms and prices.

Since you're just starting, you may want to give HKit a spin and see how that works -- you'll really need to poke around in the preferences and so forth to set up custom templates, but there are also places in both HKit and HomeSite (as well as DW and others) where you can store code snippets for later use.

You can also take a look around at any download site and read and review a variety of other editors.

For Windows, HKit, HomeSite and Dreamweaver have excellent reputations for nice, neat, relatively valid coding (there's /always/ the possibility of operator error). It is nice to get to know Dreamweaver since many *help wanted* ads (that's if you can find'em these days ;-)) do require Dreamweaver.

The level of automation will be very dependent on how well you learn the program, so give yourself time.

HTH a little
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