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 Date:  Sun, 26 Sep 1999 12:28:14 EDT
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> One point: MSIE with some limited support had the first CSS enabled
>  browser out in August 1996. Then Netscape had the really full CSS
>  support available in June 1997, then MSIE one upped it in October 1997
>  with even better CSS support. About that time, Netscape started
>  suffereing from the fact that MS was giving away the browser and
>  development sort of stopped. MSIE 5.0 doesn't really do much in
>  advancing CSS (still ain't 100 percent by any means). I think we are
>  sort of hung until Mozilla comes out 4Qtr 1999 or 1Qtr 2000 that kicks
>  some butt to get MS to get on the ball about actually fulfilling their
>  press releases about ''100 percent CSS support''.

What about Opera?  From what I heard it has 100% CSS support in its latest 
version (3.60).  Got a copy sitting here in front of me, but have so far 
chickened out of putting it on the computer in case it throws AOL out.  
Likewise Netscape.

Peter. <...Clucking like mad...>

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