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 Date:  Fri, 27 Apr 2001 09:21:41 EDT
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Hello Friends:

It was written:

> I won't quible over the semantics of whether it is a WYSIWYG editor or not
>  today based upon it's past history. It has a WYSIWYG mode now and that's 
>  that counts.  It works fine and is very well respected software with large
>  industry acceptance.

Smooth those hairs down - I wasn't attacking HomeSite.  I've been using this 
for two years now and wouldn't consider using another coding tool - although 
at some point in the future I believe we'll all be in the WYSIWYG mode.

The Design Mode - and I'm only talking about this specific part of the 
package - is recommended for light work - ie setting up initial design, fine 
tuning tables, etc.  Not for the heavy lifting that a Dreamweaver is used for.

It was also written:

<<Whenever we decide we need to
spend time and money on a new software, one consideration is that it will
help us land a job or a contract.>>

Actually I try to find a piece of software that will help me process my work 
faster which translates to more productive time which equates to greater 
profit. Software doesn't equal marketing.

But now I've probably started another fire....  :-)

- Jeff K.

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