Re: Frontpage 2000 vs. Dreamweaver 2


 Date:  Thu, 16 Sep 1999 13:17:24 EDT
 To:  liane(at),
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  I had already answered this post, but I am glad that you didn't put those 
of us down that use the WYSIWYG programs!  I have a basic HTML Guide that I 
refer to, and slowly am digesting the Information on HTML!  I do agree that 
the program is only as good as the designer, and many programs work better 
for many different designers!  It is also a great idea to use these programs 
as a beginning point for learning HTML, not to just use them !  When I 
started I was told to stay away from FP, yet it was a breeze for me. Now I 
Use Page Mill for some of my site, and FP for other parts,  I am going to try 
Dreamweaver this weekend!  Wish me luck!  Lisa

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