Frontpage 2000 vs. Dreamweaver 2

by Reywob(at)

 Date:  Wed, 15 Sep 1999 14:00:13 EDT
 To:  hwg-basics(at)
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Hi there,

At the risk of starting a flame war, can I have your honest opinions on how 
these products compare.  I've tried Dreamweaver and been impressed with it 
(with the exception of the price tag!) but have recently seen a good site 
built with Frontpage 2000.  At under 1/2 the price of Dreamweaver it looks 
very tempting!  Is it good?  Part of the problem I suppose is that I can see 
when a site is built with FP2000 but cannot tell if one is built with 
Dreamweaver, and thus cannot tell which of these products is used to build 
the better sites on the net.

Oh, and finally, anyone got any explanation for the difference in price of 
software between the US and UK?  I was looking up the prices of Dreamweaver, 
and the cheapest in the UK was 269 pounds sterling, compared with only 209 
dollars at!

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
Peter. UK

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