Re: is Front Page good for novice?


 Date:  Thu, 23 Sep 1999 16:17:07 EDT
 To:  ravenl(at),
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  As I stated, I am not a pro, and am working hard to learn to code my own!  
I get really upset when those of us get put down in this "profession" for 
trying to learn and do quickly!  I had no choice but to learn  "on the web" 
how to design and use HTML, and that is one reason why I joined this group!  
I also learned by doing,  and as a person  whio also carries a Formal College 
Degree,  and who also DID take an HTML course, I can safely say, that 
although I have learned slowly, and I am not "by the book", my site does just 
fine, has not gone downhill, and , my members love the fact that I had the 
guts to take it on with no experience!   Please, spare us!  Lisa

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