Re: More CSS Trouble URGENT - Cured!

by Reywob(at)

 Date:  Mon, 27 Sep 1999 05:48:15 EDT
 To:  tjallen(at)
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In a message dated 9/27/99 9:03:55 AM GMT Daylight Time, tjallen(at) 

> Peter,
>  put the sections of your css in a different order.
>  I think it's link first, then visited, then hover.
>  It does them in the order it gets to them,
>  and you have the visited section last now.
>  Put hover last.
>  Hope this helps,
>  jimmy

Jimmy, you are wonderful!  Cured my problem immediately.
Thank you all so much for taking the trouble to answer.  I'd be really stuck 
without this list!

Best wishes,
Peter Bowyer.

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