Re: WYSIWYG editor for clients to use

by ErthWlkr(at)

 Date:  Thu, 26 Apr 2001 18:46:18 EDT
 To:  hwg-basics(at)
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Hello Friends:

it was opined:

> Homesite 4.5 has a WYSIWYG mode, is fairly easy to learn and very powerful
>  for the price.  You can get a shareware copy at
> to see if it will work for your client.

I have to differ - what you're referring to is Design Mode in HomeSite.  This 
is not intended as a WYSIWYG editor. According to my Sams book, the code 
generated by Design Mode may not be supported by all browsers.

Head over to Cnet download center:

click on HTML editors under Web Authoring.  I've heard Freeway is a good 

There are reviews and ratings also...

- Jeff K.

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