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You guys are awesome! That was it. That was it! Thank you so much! I just
changed the image size 1px and now it works fine. Hooray!


Michelle Chabot
Chabot Web Design

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>I'm having the devil's own time trying to code thumbnails so they'll show
>on a webpage even when a Norton Firewall installed. I can't seem to find
>the common denominator.
>At first I thought it might be the folder the images were in, so I put
>all in an innocuous "images/" folder. No good. Then I thought Norton might
>not like my "_100" on the end of the title of my images (i.e.
>jiffypop_100.jpg), but this doesn't seem to be it either. I went back and
>changed 2 or 3 of them and Norton still won't show it. Plus, on one of the
>pages an image with the "_100" is one of the only ones that *does* show!

I have heard from people who have had similar problems.  One common
denominator is that it appears to happen when you have images whose
dimensions are the same as commonly used in ads.  E.g. a 125x125 image will
be blocked, because it is a standard ad size, but 125x124 will not.

You can find a list of common ad sizes on my Browser News site, at:

[]  HTH, Chuck Upsdell

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