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 IE 4.01
 I really liked the opening page. It looked great and loaded quickly. One
thing I was confused about was the links on that page. I thought at first
that they were not working, because the text was not linked. I really think
that you should link both the text and the image since the text is a lot
more noticeable.
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> Hi all,
> i have never posted to any of these groups before, so if i screw it up
> please bear with me.
> Recently a friend asked me to put together a site displaying her C.V.
> and references, with some smaller element of personal stuff. Ive kept it
> pretty simple, though it doesn't exaxtly have your typical website look
> to it. My questions regarding the site  in essence pertain to the
> appearance to the end user. i.e. do the tables maintain their integrity
> when viewed at differing resolutions and with varying font sizes. I know
> that many elements look pretty sucky under 216 colors, especially the
> greys, and don't blame me for the cloud background on the C.V. page (her
> choice, not mine). Further, how do you find the site re functionality,
> is it difficult to negotiate, or annoying?
> Please bear in mind that the site is at a very early stage of
> construction, and wants much personalisation (on her part, not mine) so
> many links lead to instructions rather than content. Mainly i am
> concerned with the C.V. link and the main pades integrity and
> funcionality.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> the address is
> Thanks in advance, david
> My site, such as it is is at - no need
> to critique this, i know it sucks already  ;^)

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