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Sorry, I just realized you indicated you had to scroll to the right... this
was not the case for the client I visited on Friday that was running at
640x480 on an ATI video card and Pentium 200Mhz machine with a 15" monitor.

I will confirm the need to scroll horizontally on each site, under 640x480,
on both my laptop (which defaults to 800x600), and my desktop (which
defaults to 1024x768).

It's hard to please the masses... If I design for 640x480 (and scale the
graphics accordingly), the 1024x768 people don't stay because the graphics
and text are too small...

This is why I choose the middle ground of 800x600, and the stats seem to
bear this out...

Gil Tennant
Webmaster at WebWham

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The need to scroll to the right made me leave
immediately. (640 x 480).

webmaster wrote:
> They've been up for a while, and I've had great comments from visitors to
> the sites, just wanted another professional's opinion...
>  Our NEW "little company" site - load time
is slow
> here due to the large number of GIF images on the left (nav buttons). The
> pages are faster once you get past the first page as the only thing to
> change is the banner graphic, the GIF nav button for the page itself, and
> the content on the page. I need to drastically reduce the load time on
> Prod/Serv - now, how to do without losing clarity.
>    This is a community web site we
maintain. I
> may change the background (getting tired of it, and it's been up since
> '97). The community loves this one and it's pretty fast and browser
> for the most part..
> Let me know what you think needs improvement (other than what's already
> mentioned above).
> TIA.
> Gil Tennant
> Webmaster at WebWham
> Creating fine web sites like the Williamsburg Community Web Site:

Bonnie Granat
Technical Writing, Editing, & Consulting

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